Flashback: Rowany Festival Shirt 1999

1999 Baronies Linocut smaller wm
Above: final image as it appeared on shirt

This popped out of the Architectural Drawers of Doom a little while ago when I was searching for something else. It’s a gift of the Drawers, they tend to spew out something random while I’m looking for something in particular.

full design smaller and cropped 2
Above: working proof on paper, without colour break down

What I had completely forgotten was that the original image had all the little Baronial shields above and below! I now remember that I cut the shields off, and editioned the main image. Still available for sale, folks!

2436 smaller 2  2444 smaller 2
Above: final image on paper, and as a lino block, without shields

Medium: linocut
Materials: printed on Stonehenge using modern black relief ink
Edition: 10 plus working and artist proofs
Press: Victorian ‘Albion’ relief press
Subject: a whole bunch of Baronial Blokes on horseback hacking at each other
Purpose: image for the Rowany Festival t-shirt, 1999

2441 smaller 2  2446 smaller 2
Above: the Baronial shields, on paper and as individual blocks (in no particular order).