Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Making A Dauber

In the intaglio process, a dauber – also called a dabber, or sometimes a dolly or poupee, especially if it is very small, or used in the ‘a la poupee’ process – is… Continue reading

Intaglio printing process

In the intaglio method of printing, we are talking about using a matrix which has the image below the surface. When ready for printing, ink sits in the lines below the surface of… Continue reading

Relief Printing Process

In relief printing, we are talking about a matrix which can be inked and paper pressed against it, to produce an image. The ink sits on the surface of the matrix, and direct… Continue reading

Flashback: Rowany Festival Shirt 2002

  Delving again into the Architectural Drawers of Doom, a whole bunch of stuff has emerged, so I’m slowly cataloguing. I’m still extremely pleased with this one – a sketch of a spray… Continue reading

File your edges

First process/phrase off the rank refers to a step in the intaglio method of printing. When we talk about intaglio plates in a historical sense, they’re made from metal in some form. Copper… Continue reading

Processes and the language of printing

It occurred to me that there’s plenty of terms, words and processes that we use in printmaking which mean almost nothing outside the rarified air of the studio… So I thought I’d start… Continue reading