Flashback: Rowany Festival Shirt 2002

2002 Rowan Branch smaller wm


Delving again into the Architectural Drawers of Doom, a whole bunch of stuff has emerged, so I’m slowly cataloguing. I’m still extremely pleased with this one – a sketch of a spray of Rowan berries, done in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci. It has a botanical definition written in a similar hand to his, as well, and a monogram done in the style of a museum stamp. The image was reversed onto the unbleached shirt, printed in a warm ochre tone, not only to imitate left-handed cross-hatching (because mine was right-handed) but because he often wrote backwards. And even though I would have thought most of this shirt’s purchasing demographic would have known these sorts of facts… there were plenty of them who were alarmed that it was all backwards. Ha!

Rowan Branch smaller wm
Above: full image as was reversed on the shirt

Medium: graphite pencil sketch
Materials: graphite, acid-free cartridge
Subject: a Rowan Branch done in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci
Purpose: image for the Rowany Festival t-shirt, 2000

Rowan Branch detail smaller wm
Above: detail showing cross-hatching