Flashback: Portable Diptych Sundial Decorations 2005

Back in 2004/5, a good friend approached me to provide decorations for a 16th century wooden sundial that he was producing. He gave me the specifications, scientific calculations and some images of extant instruments, and off I went. It was a lovely project, and I was very pleased with the results. All of the images were done by linocut, and all of the text done by hand.


Wm sundial smaller


The final states of both were then handed over to my friend, who I believe reduced them in size and photocopied/printed them onto thinner paper, to be glued onto the sundial and lacquered over. I hasten to add that I didn’t make or assemble the final object, or do the calculations for the scientific information, I executed the visual material.


WM sundial interior smaller WM sundial exterior smaller
Above left: the interior and right: the exterior of the sundial


As with most of the Flashback Collection™, I have to say that copies of most of the original sources that I used are in the Drawers of Doom, but I did manage to find a page from one of the sketch books I was using at the time to include here.


WM sundial sketch smaller


I can see that most of the sketches are taken from a book, but which book? That will have to wait for the time being… However, one of the extant diptych sundials would have been similar to this one:


Portable Diptych Sundial c1598 Hans Troschel the Elder
Hans Troschel the Elder
Portable Diptych Sundial
German c1598


Medium: Linocut and calligraphy
Edition: N/A
Press: Victorian ‘Albion’ relief press for the linocuts
Subject: Various decorations and scientific information
Purpose: For the decoration of a 16th Century Portable Diptych Sundial