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Flashback: Portable Diptych Sundial Decorations 2005

Back in 2004/5, a good friend approached me to provide decorations for a 16th century wooden sundial that he was producing. He gave me the specifications, scientific calculations and some images of extant… Continue reading

Flashback: Plate is Proof Shirt 2000

A friend of mine commissioned me to design a shirt for a protest back in 2000. As part of the rules of a re-enactment group, the decision was made that plate armour would… Continue reading

Flashback: Rowany Festival Shirt 2002

  Delving again into the Architectural Drawers of Doom, a whole bunch of stuff has emerged, so I’m slowly cataloguing. I’m still extremely pleased with this one – a sketch of a spray… Continue reading

Flashback: Rowany Festival Shirt 1999

Above: final image as it appeared on shirt This popped out of the Architectural Drawers of Doom a little while ago when I was searching for something else. It’s a gift of the… Continue reading