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Uses for prints in a pre-1600 world: an ongoing series

It can be very hard to understand not only the importance, but the scope, of printed materials in the Pre-Industrialised world. It’s easy to come up with the analogy of the printing press… Continue reading

Flashback: Portable Diptych Sundial Decorations 2005

Back in 2004/5, a good friend approached me to provide decorations for a 16th century wooden sundial that he was producing. He gave me the specifications, scientific calculations and some images of extant… Continue reading

Rowany Festival Shirt 2014: The Festival Monstre

As with most of the festival shirts done over the years, there’s a story behind the shirt image. This year (2014), the Rowany Festival moved to a new site. There was also the… Continue reading

Suite of Methods V: Making a Metalcut Matrix

Metalcut – a brief background The production of a Metalcut is a very interesting process in both the making of the matrix and the printing, for in effect, it combines elements from both… Continue reading

Suite of Methods I: Making a Woodcut Matrix

Woodcut – a brief background There is only one surviving woodcut matrix dated prior to 1400 in Western Europe, known as the Bois Protat. It is not known if this was executed for… Continue reading

A Suite of Methods: An Introduction

Any form of art which has a physical presence (which means I am excluding purely digital and electronic art) has, by its nature, texture and depth, and a world of technical information which… Continue reading

Making an Inking Ball

In many images of the relief printing studio, you’ll see one of the printers inking up with an inking ball:   Above: book printers using inking balls, from here.   About a decade… Continue reading

Little Basket (2010) and Big Basket (2011) woodcuts – a comparison

  These woodcuts were made to explore using woodworking knives, and different woods, for woodcut production. They are different sizes, and different woods – one is a scrap from a friend’s timber stash,… Continue reading

Relief Printing Process

In relief printing, we are talking about a matrix which can be inked and paper pressed against it, to produce an image. The ink sits on the surface of the matrix, and direct… Continue reading

Flashback: Rowany Festival Shirt 2002

  Delving again into the Architectural Drawers of Doom, a whole bunch of stuff has emerged, so I’m slowly cataloguing. I’m still extremely pleased with this one – a sketch of a spray… Continue reading