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Suite of Methods V: Making a Metalcut Matrix

Metalcut – a brief background The production of a Metalcut is a very interesting process in both the making of the matrix and the printing, for in effect, it combines elements from both… Continue reading

Suite of Methods IV: Making an Etched Matrix

Etching – a brief background Current research in the historical print field has very recently pushed back the date for the first extant print produced by etching, with the identification of an intaglio… Continue reading

Suite of Methods III: Making a Drypoint Matrix

Drypoint – a brief background The appearance of drypoint as an intaglio method in its own right, in pre-1600 Europe, is somewhat fleeting. Its use as a way of correcting or enhancing another… Continue reading

Suite of Methods II: Making an Engraved Matrix

Engraving – a brief background The earliest engravings to be printed on paper began to appear in the 1430’s, with the first extant prints using this process attributed to an artist known as… Continue reading

Suite of Methods I: Making a Woodcut Matrix

Woodcut – a brief background There is only one surviving woodcut matrix dated prior to 1400 in Western Europe, known as the Bois Protat. It is not known if this was executed for… Continue reading

A Suite of Methods: An Introduction

Any form of art which has a physical presence (which means I am excluding purely digital and electronic art) has, by its nature, texture and depth, and a world of technical information which… Continue reading