Monthly Archive: April, 2014

The Intaglio Studio and Press

Here is a delightful engraving of the interior of an Intaglio (specifically, an engraver’s) studio, showing a wealth of detail. It was produced after Jan Van Der Straet, also known as Johannes Stradanus,… Continue reading

Flashback: Plate is Proof Shirt 2000

A friend of mine commissioned me to design a shirt for a protest back in 2000. As part of the rules of a re-enactment group, the decision was made that plate armour would… Continue reading

Making an Inking Ball

In many images of the relief printing studio, you’ll see one of the printers inking up with an inking ball:   Above: book printers using inking balls, from here.   About a decade… Continue reading

Little Basket (2010) and Big Basket (2011) woodcuts – a comparison

  These woodcuts were made to explore using woodworking knives, and different woods, for woodcut production. They are different sizes, and different woods – one is a scrap from a friend’s timber stash,… Continue reading